Client Reviews

Excellent Process

When we got started, we didn't know what help there would be in terms of staging & photographs. Will our home be ready enough to have buyer appeal and how will we get a fair price for our house? Alex supplied ample information and support for staging, photographs, home inspections and coordinated necessary repairs to create buyer appeal. Our favorite part was that he included us in the process by having us meet with the stager, help design the marketing and let us choose the online pictures. Alex was very thorough with the home facts & data and was very timely in communicating with us. We truly appreciated his honesty, ability to stay calm in answering various questions and guiding us through the positives & negatives of deciding the fair price for our house. He solicited and listened to our input throughout the selling process. We are happy to recommend Alex's services to other sellers & buyers.

Vijay & Carol Luthra

Clear Communications

The biggest factor for me in selling was having clear electronic communication throughout the process. I was selling from outside the country and depended on Alex to manage the entire process. The time line ran according to plan and Alex's emails/calls kept me up to date. I really appreciated his overall management in preparing my home to be sold (paint, carpets, repairs, etc...). Alex explained the process and expectations from the beginning which was very helpful. I was very pleased and happily recommend Alex to be your Listing Broker.

Drew Scukanec

A Great Experience

My biggest concern was how the selling process went because I have never been involved in selling a property before. Alex did an exceptional job on explaining what must occur and offering sound recommendations on my options available.
Once I knew I was selling I had to relocate my mother from my condo and clean my unit. Again, Alex provided excellent suggestions on how I may do this and make my unit presentable for sale.
I liked being kept in the loop on exactly what was going on with my sale from the beginning to the end.
Alex went above and beyond by assisting me remove unwanted furniture. More importantly, he made sure they were all properly disposed of/or donated.
I like the way Alex’s approach was to market my unit. It was sold in less than 48 hours and my offer was 20k more than what I asked for.
Alex Hopkins did an exceptional job selling my property. I was more than satisfied with my sale and the entire process. Without a doubt, I recommend Alex for those considering selling or buying property. He is a true professional. I felt comfortable with him throughout the entire process from start to end. He genuinely cared for my best interest and always informed me of what was going on.

Cary Imamura

Hardworking, Ethical

I am writing this letter on behalf of Alex Hopkins to be your Realtor. Alex is extremely hard-working, ethical and a good communicator. Time is of the essence in real estate and you want someone who will return calls quickly and be willing to go to work for you immediately to get the job done
Alex is an excellent negotiator and can be tough when necessary, but his likeable demeanor can also be an asset when he is putting your deal together and bringing it to a successful close.

Carol Hazlegrove
Real Estate Broker, Retired

Willingness to be of Service

I have always been impressed by Alex's friendly nature and willingness to be of service to the organizations he has participated in. His congenial manner naturally makes working with him comfortable and his high ethical standards would provide the best customer service to his clients.

Darlene Stern
County Escrow Manager, Retired

Both Personal & Professional

I have known Alex both personally and professionally over the last 20 years. He is dependable, honest and professional. Alex always puts the needs of his clients first. I have always known Alex to make his clients feel like they are being treated fairly and that they are number one. You will find Alex to be a great Real Estate Professional who will be thorough and hardworking on any Real Estate need that you may have.

John Welk
Real Estate Investor/Property Manager

Good Communications

Our greatest concern was selling our cabin. We did not have a successful transaction the first time so we were hoping this time around it will be in our favor.
We found a smooth transaction! Even on the other side of the world (unexpected trip overseas) we were up to date on everything! Great communication.
We loved everything! No flaws. Communication stood out the most!
Loved Alex’s Hard Work and Enthusiasm!
We would absolutely recommend him! Alex´s service is second to none!!
A huge Thank YOU!!!!

Eddie & Nahid Vahabnejad/Salimi

Well Connected & Knowledgeable

The greatest concern getting started was deciding when we wanted to actually list the home. Alex was able to assess the current market situation and determine an optimal time frame to list our house. Another concern we had was how to get our house ready for sale, and after establishing an optimal listing date we were able, with Alex's help to work backwards on the calendar to properly ready our house and meet our listing date. Also, deciding on a listing price in which Alex was spot on.
We found that having the right agent who knew the local market well and who could advise and help us as to what needed to be done was a key component so that our listing target time could be best achieved.
We liked the easiness of working with Alex and knowing that he had the confidence and skills to make the sale as smooth and worry-free as practicable.
Alex assisted us to find resources so we were able to fix some of the items on our house needed prior to our listing date. In addition, through Alex's Rotary contacts he was able to help us locate another agent to work with at our new location which was out of the area.
We would indeed recommend his program to other buyers/sellers. Alex's expertise was of immeasurable help. The listing, showing and subsequent sale went without any hitches from beginning to end. We are very pleased with our home selling experience and with Alex as our listing agent.
Since we were moving out of the area, Alex, through his vast Rotary connections was able to locate a real estate agent in our new location that we could work with.

Peter & Cindy Keese